Thursday, August 20, 2009

About En's Cupcakes

Hi.. I'm the founder of En's Cupcakes..May call me Earn or Livia..
I quit my full time job as Senior Sales Consultant in food and beverage, venture
into my passion and obsession into baking cupcakes.

There's one time people crazy over the America series call "Sex and the City".
the two main actress Carrie & Miranda always visited a bakery shop called...
"the Magnolia Bakery".. What attracted them were actually the yummy little
There onwards cupcakes demand has been overwhelming..
Of cause people here the understanding of cupcakes still at a very
basic stage.. Some even confused what is the different between
cupcakes and muffins.. But in time to come.. I believe cupcakes
its going to be a "in" thing in Malaysia..
Sat after.. I started baking cupcakes for my friend's birthday and
church function.. After inspired by the show, i believe in food
that is healthy, with no preservative, low sugar and freshly bake..

I went to Singapore to complete a course about cupcakes
decorating to enhance my skill and creativity in cupcakes..

if you are keen to order cupcakes from me, please email me at or call me at this number, 012-4912556,
or you may log in to Facebook and search for En's Cupcakes...
in fact if you see anything you like in my photo gallery you may
mail me to order as well...
However i do need time of at least a week or even longer as my
slots fill up quite fast.. if u can place your order earlier then i
will have more time to think and create something special for
your order.. Cheers!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cupcakes Gallery

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Price List

First of all, to let you know about our packing..
Our packing of cupcakes categorized in 3groups..

1) Standard Size - 12pcs in a box
the size of each cupcake is 6cm diameter (4oz)

2) Medium Size - 16pcs in a box
the size of each cupcake is 5cm (2oz)

3) Mini Cupcakes - 50pcs in a box, which the size is bite-size.

The flavours and pricing as below:-

1) Vanilla - RM58 (for standard & medium size)
2) Choc Moist - RM58 (for standard & medium size)
3) Vanilla with choc chips - RM58 (for standard & medium size)
4) Coffee - RM58(for standard & medium size)
5) Green Tea - RM65 (for standard & medium size)
6) Blueberry Swirl - RM68 (for standard & medium size)
7) Nutella Swirl - RM68 (for standard & medium size)
8) MINI Cupcakes - RM68 (for the mini size only)
-Choc Moist/ Vanilla/ Vanilla with choc chips

9) Chocolate Banana - RM70 (for standard & medium size)
10) Blueberry Cheesecake - RM80(for standard & medium size)